Hilfreich Windows Tastenkombinationen

Die grundlegenden Tastenkombinationen. Die ausführliche Beschreibungen zu diesen Tastenkombinationen finden Sie im Originalartikel von Mircosoft

ausgewähltes Element kopieren: Strg + C ausgewähltes Element ausschneiden: Strg + X ausgewähltes Element einfügen: Strg + V Eine Aktion rückgängig machen: Strg + Z Eine rückgängig gemachte Aktion erneut ausführen: Strg + Y Alles auswählen: Strg + A Drucken: […]

How to find your request code – Aktivierungscode


You need to activate and register your Autodesk software and are asked to provide a request code.


When you activate your product, a request code is sent — along with your serial number, product key, and registration information — to Autodesk in order to create an activation code. This activation code is then […]

Enabling 3GB switch on Windows Vista™, Windows 7 or Windows XP


You want to make more memory available to your Autodesk application by enable the 3GB switch on your 32 bit version of Windows Vista™, Windows 7 or Windows XP operating systems.

While the 3GB switch may be a useful tool that allows you to access more memory for your Autodesk application, it should […]

AutoCAD 2012 Installation Error 1603, „Error :: Please install DirectX“ before installing AutoCAD


1603 Error during AutoCAD 2012 installation. Install log shows

„Error :: Please install DirectX“ before installing AutoCAD 2012 – English

Solution Install DirectX End User Runtimes (March 2009) Following the installation instructions Run the AutoCAD 2012 setup.exe installer. AutoCAD installation should now run to completion.

Note: If you have the AutoCAD 2011 media, the […]