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Building Design Suite Premium/Ultimate 2012 doesn’t license AutoCAD 2012

Your license server has AutoCAD 2012 and Building Design Suite 2012 network
licenses.  Some of your workstations have have AutoCAD 2012 installed using the
default AutoCAD product key (001D1).

When trying launch AutoCAD 2012 and you have run out of the base AutoCAD
licenses, it will not license or cascade to the Building Design Suite 2012
Standard, Premium or Ultimate licenses.

You may receive the following errors:


In order to resolve this issue, install AutoCAD
2012 from the Building Design Suite media using the Building Design Suite 2012
Product Key.   AutoCAD with the Building Design Suite Product key will be able
to use a license from AutoCAD or the Building Design Suite license packages that
are on the license server.

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